I want to be a writer

“How do I become a writer?” That’s the magic question. More importantly, why?

Writers can be crazy, isolated, introverted, moody…shall I go on? I’m speaking from experience here. If a person dare writes, then by all means do it. By the way, that’s the answer to the first question above…that and reading a gazillion books. I want to be a writer and blogging will hold me accountable.

Plus, I want to synthesize information and think for myself. How do I feel about this?

Anyway, here you will find my unsolicited, uncut thoughts and opinions about my writing process, my (future) book, your books, and other stuff. The other stuff? Issues pertaining to POC (people of color) and women (but not necessarily limited to–who wants to be limited, right?).

Anyhoo, hope you read on…


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