#OscarsSoWhite is more than a hastag…

It’s now becoming a movement. Well, hashtags create movements…I know, awkward, Alicia.

Anyway, thank you all so much for reading my blog post “Invisibility and the Oscars.” And thanks for commenting and sharing.

On to the movement part…

So, a dialogue occurred with an old acting buddy, Jayson Spence. You know what’s so great about discussions? Ideas! Great ideas come from positive disussions. And we thought of a brilliant idea–create our own Awards!!!!  Ta-da!!!

Here’s the part where you come in…

We would like YOUR suggestions for actor and movie nominations for 2015. We’re open to category suggestions, too. Oscar-statue(We’re hoping this could be an annual thing, y’all.) Sooooo, we invite you to be a part of THE ACADEMY (unofficial name which sounds official).

Contact us through Twitter or FB … or through the friend who forwarded this blog post to you (it’s only seven degrees of separation, right?) and let’s get this party started!



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