Life can be simple, are we complicating it?

Life can be so simple, really. But we humans complicate everything.

As of late, it’s as if the world is folding in on itself. Everyone’s angry. There are sects all around circling and circling, calling names and waiting for someone to throw the first punch. In many cases, the first punch as already been thrown.

Don’t folks get tired of having so much hate and anger in their hearts? It’s seems that it’s an awful burden to always carry and maintain. After all, many doctors believe that this negative energy makes the body open to diseases.

Yeah, maybe we’re all bloated with disease and don’t know it.

For real…

Christians are angry with Muslims. Whites against blacks. Racists against the world. Pro-lifers versus Pro-Choice. Citizens against immigrants. Republicans versus Democrats. Religious conservatives against atheists. Carnivores versus Vegans. All/White/Blue against Black Lives Matter. Bikinis not burkinis. Hetero religious against Gay/Trans. Dog lovers versus cat lovers. And sometimes the hate gets so ridiculous that anything can be a target…i.e. Starbucks cups.

I mean, there are so many other pro/anti themes that we can name. I’ll probably think of more as I go on. Truth is, it’s overwhelming. Shoot, I just realized that I can be fired from my job for my natural hair, according to court ruling. Anti-Natural hair? Really? We have so much to work hard and fight for than to keep destroying and tearing down.

Where does the hate come from? Why is there such intense hate for those who are not like ourselves?


Growing up, I knew of no black family that hated whites. It’s not a natural impulse to look at whites and think, “I hate them because of their white skin.” Honestly, if you look at any videos and history itself, Africans and African-Americans have always had an open door policy. We scoot over for the white families who dare come into black churches,  no offense, we stay in church for hours. We teach our dances and even our cherished Greek frat/soror steps to our white sisters and brothers. We pass on sacred traditions and recipes in a good, neighborly way. That’s how we were raised…. So many of our grandmothers sat in the first pew and always reminded us to “love one another the way that Christ loved the church.”

Why isn’t it always reciprocal? I say always, because I’m not lumping entire cultures together just because of some of the more vocally negative members who rely on stereotypes or our dark skin to raise pre-judgment.

There was a saying that we had growing up. “Mind ya biz’ness. And if you ain’t got no business, then make it your business to leave my business alone.”

I think the world would be a better place if we stop minding everybody else’s business. Who are we, as individuals or even groups, to point a finger and say, “we’re better than someone else because of so-and-s0”? Heck, we’re not better because we all have skeletons hiding in our closets.

You know what I think? We make ourselves feel superior, thus a ballooned sense of empowerment, when we point at someone else’s faults. “Well, at least I’m not gay, that’s unnatural.” “I don’t understand how they can wear all those clothes on a hot beach, that’s unheard of.” “Blacks are so poor and uneducated, at least we’re not savages like them.” Or, whatever.

This tension that we have against our neighbors is growing feverishly. If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would definitely say that the media outlets are creating the narratives to control our thoughts and instigate something awful to keep us tuned in to their news channels…thus making them richer. And we’re just sipping the Kool-Aid.


And when it comes down to it…we’re just going to point the finger at our neighbors and blame them. “It’s their fault!” Never taking ownership in the role we played or the silence we maintained.

It’s scary. Think of how easily life changed for Anne Frank.

Sometimes I really wonder if those who go to church everyday honestly believe in the Bible. I wonder if they truly believe they are following God’s holy word. I question this because so much anger and hate exists. If we were a religious country as we tout, so full of love a patriotism, then why don’t we “love thy neighbor as ourselves.” Or, follow in Christ’s footsteps. Or, “be ye kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another”? (Gosh, can’t believe I even remember that scripture from when I was a kid).

I know you feel the tension that rising in this country. I fear that the pendulum is swinging so far right that leaders are encouraging something awful, astronomical. (Check the history, this country has had it’s share of race wars). The greed is growing…taking land for oil, Nestle taking over water supply, Monsanto over seeds… So much in our beloved country is being built on the wrong foundations.

I just ask you to think…what is your role? Where do you stand?

I surely hope that I have allies, and I hope that I am a good ally to those that will need me.



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